Ms. Nourah Shuaibi is a PhD student at The University of Tenessee in Knoxville. Nourah’s research is on peacekeeping, conflict resolution, and transitional justice. She holds three bachelor’s degrees in Peace and Conflict Resolution studies, International Studies, and Political Science. At the University of Missouri-Columbia, Ms. Nourah created a novel event under the name of My Book, Your Book, Their Book, No Book to break the barriers of cultural misperceptions. This event became a semi annual one that has been adopted in two other campuses within the Midwest.



Mr. Al-Hussain Yusuf is a Health Science Graduate of the University of Missouri Columbia. Mr. Yusuf was a former employee at Boone Hospital Center and Pulse Medical Staffing. Currently he is studying Medicine at the International American Univsersity School of Medicine in St. Lucia to become an M.D.  Most notably, he was a Case Manager Assistant for the Catholic Charities Refugee Immigration Services, a volunteer of the Columbia MO Red Cross Disaster Action Team and former volunteer in Haiti in 2010 to provide aid after the earthquake.