Spring 2018 Intern Blog Series: History is Made

This weekend marked the second anniversary of the now, annual tradition known as the Women’s March. The mission of the Women’s March is essentially to get people, not only women, of all shapes, sizes, colors, and beyond together to educate each other and those in their surroundings about vital issues that they endure. Bringing communities together in order to understand diverse issues, and diverse people is something GOL also deems necessary. By having groups of diverse people join together, the learning is endless. The best way to find out about how others see the world is to join them and listen to their experiences and take those into consideration. The Women’s March has a list of Unity Principles, which includes, but is not limited to civil rights, and environmental justice. These principles are those that are easily aligned with having decency and believing in and taking care of humanity as a whole. In order to take care of our people, civil rights are in place, and in order to take care of Mother Nature, we need environmental justice. It is safe to say the Women’s March is a part of history that invites black women, Hispanic women, native women, poor women, scientists, doctors, and all who deem unity necessary to humanity, and I consider that a win for society.



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