Global Outreach Leaders Donor Packages:    We strive to offer every person the opportunity to invest in the future of the world. From spreading awareness, to helping the organization choose projects to invest in, our donor packages do just that!

Bumper Sticker – Features our original design to show your support and spread awareness everywhere you go!

Newsletter – A biyearly update on all activities and projects so you can stay in the know!

Customized Donation – Projects that matter to you matter to us. So, if there is a specific project you want your funds to support we will make that happen!

Attend Meetings – We appreciate all of our donors, but as an Outreach Leader we invite you to attend meetings to see what happens behind the scenes!

Vote on Projects – The voice of our donors means a lot to our organization, and at this level of contribution, you will have the ability have a vote on certain projects we are planning!


*The benefits last for the duration of the membership.

*A donor can choose to renew/cancel/upgrade/downgrade the subscription after the period end (12 months).

* The amount can be paid one time for 12 months or on monthly basis, where the amount will be automatically withdrawn at the beginning of the month.