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Author: admin

Destiny: Whose Path Are You Taking?

by admin

When I think of the word destiny, I can’t help but think of things like fate, manifest destiny, and the phrase “it’s written in the stars”. This word represents the idea that a long time ago some higher being mapped out a plan for everyone here on Earth, eliminating a lot of anxiety that one…

The Housing Crisis: A Rise In Shared Spaces

by admin

Synopsis: The housing bubble and consequently the housing crisis is now common knowledge. Everyone who is anyone can converse on the causes of the issue, factors in the interplay, and possible solutions to prevent another crisis. You would think there should not be another housing crisis! As sarcastic as this may be, it is still…


“It’s a situation that will change your life completely.” The paved road began to turn to gravel as the van carrying Rasha Abousalem neared the shores of the Greek island of Lesbos. Neither Abousalem, the director of humanitarian operations for a small Missouri-based aid agency called Global First Responder, nor the other aid workers and…