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Nourah Shuaibi is a PhD student at The University of Tenessee in Knoxville. Nourah’s research is on peacekeeping, conflict resolution, and transitional justice. She holds three bachelor’s degrees in Peace and Conflict Resolution studies, International Studies, and Political Science.  Most notably, Nourah pursued her passion for Conflict Resolution and became a Tennessee Rule 31 Civil and Family trained mediator and is now an active advocate for peace around the world.

Al-Hussain Yusuf is a Health Science Graduate from the University of Missouri Columbia, and continuing his education in medicine. Al-Hussain is CEO and owner of Blue Diamond Medical staffing company.  Since 2010 Mr Yusuf has dedicated his life to serving humanity responding to natural disasters that has affected countries, responding to the refugee crisis providing medical and humanitarian aid, and collaborating and working with micro NGOs to provide a safe passage for refugees and a safe haven for destitute families that will protect them under the universal declaration of human rights.