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July 18 - 25, 2015

GOL has been contacted by Progressive Excellence Youth Organization (PEYORG) , a nonprofit organization located in Ghana on the staggering statistics on youth deaths due to hygiene and sanitation related disease, our team set out on a mission to aid the children of Elmina District suffering from this highly treatable cause.

We have established a hygiene and sanitation campaign to six schools in villages outside and around the Elmina District in Ghana. Our team of 11 have been on local television programs and radio stations educating the adults on the importance of teaching their children the best ways to properly wash one’s hands on daily basis.

Our campaign expanded to each school where we were able to give out sanitation products for every single child, thanks to generous donations! Donations of hygiene kits consisted of toothbrushes, toothpastes, and hand soap, which were distributed to over 1,200 primary school students. GHANA HI-5 GALLERY



Date: April 2015

GOL (former AYI), in partnership with American Red Cross, Columbia Missouri Fire Department and the Mizzou Red Cross Club conducted training sessions to spread awareness on emergency relief. Experts welcomed locals to learn more about the Fire Department and how to prepare for potential fire hazards at home and beyond.

This event was open to the public and has been a great opportunity for everyone to access the necessary knowledge and expertise to be prepared in cases of emergencies with various fires. DART+FIRE PREPAREDNESS GALLERY



Date: July 26 - 31, 2015

GOL partnered with Forward Sports Events, a sports event management company located in Kuwait, to sponsor the education of the orphans at the Mother of Peace Orphan Home in Mutoko, Zimbabwe.

GOL and their partner hosted a 2k and a 4k run in Mutoko to raise awareness on orphans who are living at the orphanage and beyond. Orphans of Mutoko are now able to go to school and finish their semester with food and shelter to carry on a healthy life. ZIMBABWE RACE TO SUCCESS GALLERY



Refugee relief

September 2015 – December 2017

GOL answered the call of the unfortunate refugee crisis that became a global issue. Our team was joined witha vast number of volunteers from doctors, emergency relief specialists to simple people with compassion for humanity to be the helping hand in the hopes of relieving some of the pain and shock refugees were experiencing running for their lives.

GOL team alternated with new volunteers flocking in on weekly basis. We established communications with the UNHCR officials on the island of Lesvos as well as the capital Athens to do weekly progress reports.

We have been successful in reaching thousands of refugees rushing on shore from crowded dingy boats to settle in refugee camps until their documents have been processed to be relocated to an EU country. The situation in Greece has proven overwhelming to many of the volunteers however, it became clear that this was not a problem with a simple overnight solution. Hence, the GOL teamhas aided with processing documentation for settlement, distributing medical products as our doctors checked on refugees’ vital signs as they walked into the clinics, scouted out refugee rescue boats, and engaged in conversations with refugees and other organizations to produce a more permanent solution for sustainability and job security in their new homes.

As GOL’s work has been greatly appreciated, the refugee crisis still remains today a plague not only for refugees but it has been a disturbance to the host countries’ daily operations. This crisis affects all of us around the globe and is in great need for more advocates to alleviate the world’s increasing number of displaced populations. REFUGEE RELIEF-GREECE GALLERY



Refugee Relief – Greece

Race to Success – Zimbabwe


DART + Fire Preparedness – Missouri